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Celebrity Helicopters' President, Robin Petgrave is
one of 20 featured in the "New Color of Success".

"His reputation as a flying phenomenon also precedes him in the arena of television and movies. A member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1979, Robin was an acclaimed actor who enjoys the opportunity to showcase his aerial photography and stunt flying skills. With over 30 music video, television and film credits to his name - including recent music videos for Brian McKnight, hot director Billy Woodrow and artist Chico DeBarge - he is in ever growing demand. Robin brings fresh and original ideas to his film work and is capable of visualizing and doing any maneuver of which a helicopter is capable with ease. He is a precision flyer and a master of the one-take scene, skills he has demonstrated while flying the camera for the aerial shots in adventure movies Eraser and Love Kills. In the action film Broken Arrow, he actually flew on-camera the ill-fated red, white and blue helicopter in which he chases star John Travolta across the desert and is finally killed in a fiery explosion. Robin recently wowed a skeptical crew on the set of Lionel Martin's new film Jack of All Trades by landing the helicopter where no one thought possible, doing it not once but eight times in succession without an error, even after it grew dark. The performance elicited a standing ovation from the crew when the day was over. "Working with productions is what I do best," says Robin, who often makes suggestions that directors love and use. "I can think three-dimensionally to incorporate the director's or producer's vision and get the really unique angles."

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Back At One
Brian McKnight

Broken Arrow
The Game
Chico DeBarge

Love Kills
Dawkins & Dawkins

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