Time is Money.
The most effective way to scout multiple locations is from a helicopter. Nowadays with the volume of traffic on city streets the old fashioned method of driving from location to location to location proves to be exhausting and a colossal waste of man hours.

Because helicopters have no altitude restrictions we can give you a bird’s eye view of almost any location so you can make the best decision on the spot that’s right for you. Production companies find it more reliable & cost effective to have us ferry our helicopters from our home base to states across the US & Mexico than to take a chance with a local company.

Finding the location is one thing, accessing the location is a whole new ball game. The ability to reach the perfect spot and know what type of equipment can fit and be utilized there will maximize the site’s potential. This ability is what separates a James Cameron, John Woo, Steven Spielberg, from your grandpa’s home movie collection.

Our experience in nap of the earth flying, pinnacle confined area, and off-airport operations allow us to give you unique angles to view possible shooting locations. Once you select the location, our staff can secure the proper permits for helicopter operations even in the streets of downtown Los Angeles!!

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