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Private Pilot License Commercial Pilot License Add-On License Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating

For someone who wants a license to fly in clouds by reference to instruments only. Although most helicopter pilots will never fly in the clouds most major companies require the pilots to have the Instrument Rating for insurance purposes.

Hold a current private pilot certificate
Have logged at least 125 hours total
Have logged at least 50 hours cross-country flight time as Pilot-in-command
Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language
Hold a third class medical certificate
Pass the written exam
Pass the oral and practical exam

hours of actual or simulated instrument total flight time
hours of instrument flight training (dual) in helicopter.


  • 3 hours flight training within 60 days before check-ride.
  • 1 Cross country in helicopter under IFR with:
    a) a distance of at least 100 NM along airways
    b) an instrument approach at each airport
    c) Three different kind of approaches with the use of navigation systems.
hours may be performed in simulator

the last 5 hours can be in an airplane to reduce the cost of training.

15 Hrs Helicopter $4875
5 Hrs Airplane $695
20 Hrs Simulator $1300
40 Ground School $2000
Books $200
Test Fees $490
20 Hrs Helicopter $6500
20 Hrs Simulator $1300
40 Ground School $2000
Books $200
Test Fees $490
IFR R22 $325 $375
Bell47 $485 $595
R44 $369 $459
Jet Ranger $700 $895
Ground $50 $75

$2500 Deposit to receive BLOCK RATE
*All Rates include Fuel + Tax
Solo & Dual Rates are same

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