"Action" Says It All

Action" Says it All, is the embodiment of our approach to Filmmaking. We Feature Dynamic Story board Enhancements Adding Value To Your Project Featuring Pilot Robin Petgrave. We provide a wide range of services, including Flight Training with 100% financing (O.A.C.)

Celebrity Helicopters possesses a Motion Picture and Television Waiver and Authorization (Movie Manual) approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Operations under the terms of the manual allow Celebrity Helicopters to engage in flight operations which would otherwise be restricted by the regulations, thus enabling Celebrity Helicopters to position aircraft to obtain dynamic shots and angles not attainable by companies without such authorization. From the moment you call, you will notice a huge difference. And, our creative input's only the beginning. We also supply.

Aerial Coordination

Preflight planning and preparations are essential to the successful outcome of a production. We will provide all the expertise to get the shot. Whether it is SkyDivers, thrilling helicopter chase scenes, or majestic beauty shots. We will blow your mind.

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On-Site Location

Not only can we provide a 7,000 sq. ft. hangar, make-up & dressing rooms, sound stage, cafe, and staging area, but we also have the most user-friendly airport to use at your disposal. Our location availability is a unique feature exclusive to Celebrity Helicopter

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Camera & Story Ships

Celebrity Helicopters use helicopters and airplanes that fit all budgets and preferences including Bell 47, 212, Jet Rangers, Long Rangers, Eurocopter Astars & Twin Stars, Hughes 300, McDonnell Douglas products, etc., and introducing the Robinson R22 and the R44, the latest model from The Robinson Helicopter Company. We can paint or outfit our aircraft as you choose to give whatever look you are after

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Location Scouting

Collectively, our staff has over 82,000 hours flying in the Western United States, Hawaii and Mexico. Let us take you to undiscovered locations to add a unique look to your picture. From the air is the most efficient way to pin-point your ideal spot.

More Details: Location Scouting


Camera Mount Options

Helicopters are configured with hard points to accommodate all popular camera mount systems including Tyler, Wescam, Spacecam and Gyron. Or choose, the more flexible & economical technique, our trademark 'harness handheld technique'

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Cast & Crew Transportation

We can arrange cast and crew transportation to and from any location, or from the studio to all Southern California airports for studio executive transport. A large variety of transportation options are available, including private jets

More Details: Cast & Crew Transportation

Transportation of Dailies

In addition to helicopters we can arrange to mobilize a fleet of fixed wing aircraft and jets which can be utilized to quickly transport dailies from location to the lab or studio to save your production time and money

More Details: Transportation of Dailies

Free Quotation

We are open 365 days a year and are available 24 hours a day. Call (877) 999-2099 anytime for a free quotation. We guarantee a prompt and thorough response to your inquiry.We now have two locations, Compton Airport, and Torrance Airport

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A major portion of the proceeds from our production services are directly donated to Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum, a museum which teaches kids how to fly and realize their dreams. For more information, www.tamuseum.org

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