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Private Pilot License Commercial Pilot License Add-On License Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating

Add-On License

For the pilot who already has a license in an aircraft other than a helicopter and wants to add a helicopter rating to his or her license.

Be at least 17 Years old
Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
Hold a third class medical certificate
Hold at least a private pilot license (fixed-wing)
Pass the oral and practical exam

hours total flight time
hours flight training (dual)


  • 3 Hours cross country
  • 3 Hours of night flight (with one cross country over 50 nautical miles)
  • 3 Hours flight training within 60 days before check-ride.
hours solo


  • 3 Hours cross country (over 75 nautical miles total distance with landings at a minimum of three points, and segment of the flight must be at least 25 nautical miles)
R22 $255 $334
Bell47 $285 $365
R44 $369 $459
Jet Ranger $700 $895
Ground $50 $75

$2,500 Deposit to receive BLOCK RATE
*All Rates include Fuel + Tax
Solo & Dual Rates are same

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